Heidi the HippyHeidi Jo’s desire is to serve in the following ways:

1) To encourage believers through music and teaching

Heidi Jo has a passion to see believers know who they are in Christ and walking in the freedom that comes from an understanding of God’s grace. Drawing from her experience, she points the way through music and speaking to the depths of God’s grace. “The place of true surrender is a place of true freedom and peace,” says Heidi Jo, “and every believer has a right, through Christ, to all that He has for us.”

2) To share Christ in a relevant way with spiritual seekers

Heidi Jo desires to write music that communicates the gospel in a relevant way. “What the Lord has done in me,” says Heidi Jo, “I just can’t keep to myself. I just want everyone else to know the peace that, by God’s grace, I have come to know.”

3) To encourage young mothers

“[Older women] can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure…” (Titus 2:4-5)

Heidi Jo sees motherhood as her first calling and ministry. In a day when families are falling apart, and motherhood is too often seen as a boring and inferior career, Heidi Jo seeks to inspire young mothers to enjoy and fulfill their high calling. “The best investment any woman can make is into the lives of her children,” says Heidi Jo, mother of Grace, Joye, Esther, Reese Joseph, and Audrey.